2 UTs in England

Bernie Stevens
a motorcycle enthusiast from England is telling the stories of his two UTs

Hallo „UT“ fans! My name is Bernie (Bernard) Stevens and I am from England. For the past 62 years I have had a interest in German/Austrian motorcycles ever since my first bike was a Zündapp 200S, when I was 16 years old in 1960. I have been lucky enough to have owned 62 German/Austrian motorcycles in those past years. Some are rare even in Germany. in example 2 x Imme´s, 2 x Maico Taifun´s, a Hoffmann Gouverneur, a Victoria Bergmeister, „Swing“ and Express Radex 255 and also two UTs: a KTN 125 and a KTV 175! I am certain they are the only two UTs in England. So I thought you would like some info/history about them as their history is rather intriguing.

KTN 125:

I bought the small KTN at a auction 2016. It came with some history! It was bought in 1962 in Bermuda by a pilot who flew for BEA (British European Airways) whilst he was on holiday. It was then brought back to England on a old steam ship called the SS Essequibo. It was in use up till 1968 when problems with the motor stopped it running and was pushed into a garage where it stayed fort he next 48 years! So in 2016 I came tob e the owner. I got the motor run, the problem was the coil but it was very noisy and the battery was not beeing charged. I replaced the bearings and seals and fitted a solid state regulator (a MZ unit). After, the KTN burst into life on the first kick every time! I enjoyed running the UT for a couple of years, with its cracking exhaust note. I then sold it to a friend who still takes it on runs where it always recieves lots of attention.

KTV 175:

About 15 years ago I was shown a photo of a mystery bike. It was all in parts (what we British call a „Basket case job“). I recognized the bike to be a UT by the unique battery knob! I then tried to find that bike with lots of adverts in various magazines and club monthlys but I had no luck. Then in 2019 a picture appeared in an monthly bike magazine asking did anybody know what bike was in the picture as they thought it was a TWN. I got in touch with the magazine who put me in touch with the owner. I was lucky as the owner let me buy it. It was in a very large collection of motorcycles resting in a cellor. It was the UT I had seen in the photo from 15 years ago! All it needed was two new exhaust pipes and a new swimmerhousing. It had a Amal-housing on a Bing carburator. Then it was in running condition. If I get time it might be restored, because it is entered for a big motorcycle run in August and maybe I might get to the 100 year celebrations fort he make of UT – I hope so!

I would also like to mention I run a blog site devoted to German/Austrian motorcycles called Bernies bike shed and a facebook page called „Adler to Zundapp“. So I hope some of the UT fans will take a look.


the mystery bike –
turns out to be a UT KTV 175

Alles rund um UT Motorräder